North Shore Beach Maternity Session | Burlington, MA Maternity Photographer

As I started to write this post about my recent maternity session for Katie (my cousin in law, neighbor and friend), I realized something pretty big. Many of my photography "firsts" have been thanks to Katie and her family.

Way before I was a professional photographer, I got a call from Katie's sister to do their family photos. What? Family photos? But I'm not a professional! We want you to do it, she said. Really? Well, ok, I'll do it. So with the help of some new equipment and lots of practice, I did my first official family session. 

A few year later, I got a call from Katie and her mom to do wedding photos for Katie and her soon to be husband. What, are you crazy?? I don't do weddings!! But we want you to do it, they said. So with the help of even more new equipment, lots of learning, and an encouraging friend who flew in from MN to help me, I did my first wedding. Fast forward a couple of years. The happy couple are now my very fun neighbors who are expecting their first baby in just two weeks and two days (but who is counting). And so we have another first....maternity photos!

I have always been envious of some amazing north shore photographers who get to shoot on the beach all the time. So what better time to give it a shot than with this maternity session! It was a gorgeous summer evening...perfect for the beach. (I could get used to this!) Shooting on the beach is not easy and presents a whole new set of challenges, but I was once again forced to step out of my comfort zone and try something new! Many thanks to you, Katie, and your amazing family for pushing me to develop my skills, for being patient with me, and for giving me new excuses to buy new equipment!!  : )

Next up...birthing photos? Well, maybe just newborn!