Family | Burlington, MA Photographer

My husband comes from a large, loud, crazy family. He is the oldest of six kids and his parents have 11 grandchildren. Needless to say, when everyone is together, it's nothing but chaos. I have just two siblings and only five first cousins who I see very infrequently. So as you can imagine, the big family thing can be a bit overwhelming at times. 

There are some days, however, that I look at all of the "grandkids" (my nieces and nephews, ages 1-20) on my husband's side and can't help but smile. I know they all drive each other crazy at times, but when you see them together like this, it all makes sense. These were taken on Father's Day (also my son's 20th birthday). It's nice to see how much fun they have together. The first photo is of my husband who is obviously adored by his nieces!  

(One niece missing from these pics.)