One Year Old Cake Smash Session! | Happy Birthday Nora! | Burlington, MA Child Photographer

Take a look at this adorable studio Cake Smash session for one year old Nora! This was so much fun in many ways. As a parent of two boys, I was in my glory shopping for some girly accessories including a pink and purple feather boa, purple decorations and, of course, a sparkly tiara! Here are a few highlights from this very fun session!

This stunning (and VERY delicious cake) was created by LaCascia's Bakery of Burlington. 

Nora most definitely has the largest shoe collection of any one year old I have met. This day she only had a couple of pairs with her. 

Nora is not just a walker, she's a runner! So Mom spent a lot of time getting her into position and then trying to run away before Nora took off. It wasn't easy! 

And then came the cake! I must say, she was very first! I will let the pictures speak for themselves!

Burlington, MA Family Photographer

I have been trying for weeks to write this blog post and I really wanted to write it before we all forget about this snow...if that's even possible. This winter has not been easy for many people, but I actually haven't minded it. (The fact that I work from home and don't have to commute in it definitely helps!) There's something special about a big snowstorm (or two, or three, or four). I enjoy the walks at night when it's so quiet and peaceful, I get to see my neighbors while we are all shoveling for the umpteenth time, and once in awhile I even get to have some fun playing in the snow.

My kids are grown so I don't have little ones to play in the snow with anymore which makes me a little sad. However, I am lucky that my second cousin-in-law (or something like that!) and her family are my neighbors. Their adorable 5 month old had an awesome introduction to the snow this winter and she didn't seem to mind it one bit. These were taken in my back yard after one of the whopper storms. I don't think it will take you long to realize that someone has her daddy wrapped around her little finger already!  Good luck to you in a few years!  : )