Kent Cottage, Historical Building, Burlington, MA

Although I have never considered myself a history buff, I have always been fascinated with historical buildings. There is one particular building in Burlington that has always had my attention. The Kent Cottage is an old stone building that sits alone along one of Burlington's high tech roadways, Network Drive. From the front, the boarded up old house appeared to have darkened windows but when you look closely, you will see that they are not actually windows. They are boards designed to look like windows...very well done! From the side, the doors and windows are boarded up and a small, hidden addition sits in back. 

For years, I never knew the history of this building or what it was called. But thanks to Google and lots of attempts at creative keywords, I found this great article written by Dina Accardi on The article explains that the house was built in 1851 "for John Kent (1798-1870), a wealthy brewer from Charlestown who was born in Haughley, Suffolk County, England". He lived there with his daughter, Helen, until he passed away in 1870. Helen continued to live in the house until 1897. It appears that there were other residents of the house after the Kent family, but for years it has remained unoccupied. 

When I read about the potential development of this building, I knew I had to get inside of the building and take pictures before it was renovated. With the help of the Burlington Planning Board, I was put in contact with Nordblom Company who currently owns the property. They so kindly allowed me access with my camera!

I was accompanied by one of their facility staff members who was armed with a flashlight. Even with that sole source of light, the building was pitch black and I couldn't see anything at all. I was shooting blindly with my camera and flash and I really had no idea what I was looking at until I downloaded the photos from my memory card. It's probably a good thing that I couldn't see what I was shooting because I may have run away! As you will see, the building was loaded with water and fire damage, mold and lots of holes in floors and ceilings. I was disappointed that I wasn't allowed up the stairs until I saw the images of the stairs and the underside of the bathroom floor with the cast iron tub exposed. Ok, I guess I am good with just the first floor. 

This satisfied some of my curiosity of the Kent Cottage and hopefully will provide some insight to others who have wondered about this very old structure. 

Oh no, the dreaded headshots! | Burlington, MA Headshot Photographer

Dentists get a bad rap. I really don't know anyone who likes going to the dentist (including me) but I guess I never realized how much people dislike getting their professional headshots done until recently. I've had a couple of clients openly express how much they were dreading the process. I promise you that getting your headshots done is definitely much easier and less painful than going to the dentist. 

How do I know? Well, for starters I just had mine updated. My friend and fellow photographer, Sue Bruce, and I have made it an annual event to get together and do each other's headshots. For me that involves coming armed with several outfits on hangers, a few jewelry options, my curling iron and, of course, my hairspray. We even had our make-up professionally done by Kristina of Flawless Makeup Company, which is always a treat. Sue and I evaluated each other's outfit choices and background colors and then we took turns being on either side of the camera.

Although I prefer to be BEHIND the camera taking the pictures, I took the plunge and sat in front of the backdrop. How do I stand? Where do I put my hands? How should I smile? I know the answers to these questions, but somehow it all changes when you are the one being photographed. But with the right guidance and many laughs, we are able to put each other at ease and get the job done. And guess what? It really wasn't that bad. I survived. And I have a couple of great new headshots. 

I've come to appreciate this annual event with Sue for a couple of reasons. First, we have a good time and we share many laughs. But more importantly, it is a great reminder of what it's like to be on the other side of the camera and how important it is to make people feel comfortable. I like to think that it makes me a better photographer because I can relate to the experience. 

In case you were wondering how my nervous clients made out...there was no pain, no extractions, no root canals and they, too, left my studio saying, "that wasn't so bad"!

Thanks to Sue Bruce for my new headshots!

One Year Old Cake Smash Session! | Happy Birthday Nora! | Burlington, MA Child Photographer

Take a look at this adorable studio Cake Smash session for one year old Nora! This was so much fun in many ways. As a parent of two boys, I was in my glory shopping for some girly accessories including a pink and purple feather boa, purple decorations and, of course, a sparkly tiara! Here are a few highlights from this very fun session!

This stunning (and VERY delicious cake) was created by LaCascia's Bakery of Burlington. 

Nora most definitely has the largest shoe collection of any one year old I have met. This day she only had a couple of pairs with her. 

Nora is not just a walker, she's a runner! So Mom spent a lot of time getting her into position and then trying to run away before Nora took off. It wasn't easy! 

And then came the cake! I must say, she was very first! I will let the pictures speak for themselves!