Welcome Class of 2020!

You have worked hard to get here and you should be proud! This is such a special year and you will leave high school with so many memories. Senior year is a milestone, one that you will want to remember, and senior portraits are the best way to capture this time. As a mom, I know how quickly this time passes and I cherish my boys' senior pictures more than you know.

As a high school senior photographer, I love working with such incredible young adults. Each one of you has amazing qualities and it is so much fun to see them shine through during your session. My job is to capture the true you and bring it to light. Whether you are bold and funny, shy and quiet, an athlete or an artist, I will work to make your senior experience fit your style. Please take a few minutes to explore my site and learn what makes my senior sessions unique!

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Wear what makes you happy.

But don’t be afraid to go a little out of your comfort zone to change things up a little! Mix it up. Bring multiple outfits. If you are wearing jeans, bring a few shirts, shoes and accessories. Try your favorite sundress. Bring your favorite hoodie or your team jersey/jacket. You can even bring your prom dress from last season and we can take some “glam” shots!

Don’t be too revealing.

Be aware of the neckline of your blouse, shirt, dress, etc. Try to avoid sleeveless tops. If you are outside, I recommend wearing a cami under your shirts so you can change easily. Pants can be changed under a long skirt. If you are in the studio, you will have plenty of private space to change outfits.


Be yourself!

If you’re an athlete, feel free to bring your jersey or equipment. If you’re a dancer and would like some dance shots, bring your dance attire. If you have any other hobby or talent that you would like to display, let me know. I am a big animal lover so feel free to bring your pet!

Be fun and creative.

Bring a few different pieces of jewelry, hair accessories, scarves, hats, or boots. If you are not an accessory kind of girl, try borrowing some from a friend. Add color, texture and layers. Bold colors look great when you are outside!


Pay attention to details.

Trim and maintain your nails (no chipped nail polish). Iron your clothes. Don’t get a haircut the day before your session. Give it time to get to that “perfect place”. In regards to make-up, it’s okay to wear a little more than usual, but be yourself and don’t go overboard. If you would like professional make-up or hair styling for your session, please contact me for recommendations.



Relax and be yourself.

Have fun with this! Bring a friend, a parent, or a sibling who will put you at ease. They are welcome to take some photos with you.


Show your true colors.

This is about you so tell me who you are. If you are an athlete, bring your jersey, jacket or equipment. Do you have a car that you love? We can work that into your outdoor session! If you have some other hobby or talent that you would like to emphasize, just let me know.

Jazz it up.

Be comfortable and show your personality, but spruce it up a little! Golf shirts and casual button down shirts are great. Consider buying a new shirt for the occasion. A t-shirt under an un-buttoned button down is a classic look. Be aware of what you are wearing for pants/shorts. Jeans, khakis or even shorts are great if you want a casual look. Layers are great on guys.


Break out the tie.

Make sure you bring a shirt and tie so we can get the necessary formal yearbook shots. After we get that out of the way, we can move on to comfort and casual.


Outdoor Sessions:

Many seniors like to have their photos taken outside in a relaxed, natural setting. You can choose from one of my favorite locations or suggest someplace new (within 10 miles of Burlington, MA or Dennis, MA, additional travel will incur a fee). During the outdoor session, we will capture traditional yearbook headshots but then we can have some fun and get creative. Feel free to mix things up and bring one or two additional clothing choices.

Take advantage of this time and bring your siblings and family to get those long-overdue family photos at no additional charge! Your session can be rescheduled if rain is imminent. If it is cloudy or just a slight chance of rain, we will still have the session.

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Studio Sessions:

For a more traditional senior photo, you can come to my studio at 203 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington. Your session will take place with simple, traditional backgrounds and it will be a much shorter session. Time will allow for up to 2 outfit changes and multiple poses. You may bring your sibling, a friend, an instrument or sporting equipment or even your dog!

Are you a no-frills person? Come in for a basic studio session that will give you some quick headshots for your yearbook. One outfit, one backdrop. Quick and simple!

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After Your Session:

In about two weeks after your session, you will receive a gallery of 25-30 images (10 images for the Express Studio option) for viewing. I highly encourage an in-studio appointment so we can view your images together on a large monitor. I can help with your image selections and show my product offerings. Most people that choose this option love it and find it extremely helpful in narrowing their choices. It allows you to do side by side comparisons and choose the best images. All final images for yearbook and purchase will be professionally retouched. There is no additional charge for the removal of skin blemishes or fly away hairs!! Finally, I will submit yearbook images to your school on your behalf.